By July of 2009 the volume of business in the most southern portion  of California mandated the establishment of a service center in San Diego specifically for Lighting Inverters.

The four offices and 2700 square foot warehouse has it's own flat-bed truck with a lift gate as well as a forklift. This permits rapid, efficient, local handling of large and heavy systems, batteries and equipment.

The generous size of the facilities can accommodate existing business as well as near-term expanded activity in the area.

The two service trucks and technicians will be able to handle the local service accounts as well as serve as back-up to service requests from Las Vegas, Phoenix and other parts of the southwest.

In a similar manner, technicians from the other service centers could be dispatched to assist in emergency or rush service needs in the San Diego area.

We have also set up a training facility in the San Diego Center similar to the one at the corporate offices in Costa Mesa.

All "lunch box" lighting units, exits and circuit boards, batteries, lamps and other service for this unit equipment will be primarily handled from the corporate offices in Costa Mesa. There will be no inventory in San Diego.


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